Tips For Those That Are New To Owning Spray Foam Trailers

If your firm regularly engages in the installation of spray foam, you may find that buying your own trailer for hauling the equipment needed to do this work can be a cost-effective decision to make. While these trailers can be indispensable in helping you to perform your job, there are several guidelines that can be easy to overlook that may compromise the experience that you get from the trailer.

Properly Maintain The Wheels

The equipment that is needed to effectively apply spray foam can be remarkably heavy, and this can put a tremendous amount of strain on the wheels of the trailer. If the wheels experience a significant failure while you are using the trailer, you may find that you are left stranded. Whenever you anticipate needing to use this trailer, you should closely inspect the wheels to ensure that the tires are sufficiently inflated and that they are free of potentially problematic issues, such as warped wheels or tires that are bulging.

Check The Pressure Of The Trailer

To apply the spray foam, pressurized air will be used. Unfortunately, if you make the mistake of failing to check the air pressure of your trailer before using it, you may find that there is not enough pressurized air to meet your client's spray foam insulation needs. One simple way of helping to reduce the work needed to keep your trailer sufficiently pressurized is to keep a small collection of additional pressurized air storage tanks on your property. If you find that the air pressure in your spray foam trailer is too low, you will simply be able to remove the current storage tank and replace it with one that will be at capacity.

Thoroughly Clean The Spray Nozzles After Each Use Of The Trailer

At the end of each day that you use this trailer, you will need to be sure that your employees are taking the proper steps for cleaning the spray nozzles for the trailer. Otherwise, spray foam can accumulate on the tips of these nozzles, which can cause them to adequately apply the spray foam. Depending on the design of your trailer and the nozzles that it uses, these nozzles may need to be detached from the trailer so that they can be disassembled and cleaned. Luckily, this is not as complicated as it may sound as these components are designed to be easily detached and disabled so that they can be cleaned by you or your employees.

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