4 Tips For Marketing An Independent Hotel

International hotel chains are very well known, but when you're running a small, independent hotel, you will need to work a little harder to ensure that travelers know what you have to offer and are enticed to book rooms when they are visiting your area. Luckily, if you have a good plan in place, it is possible to successfully market an independent hotel without going bankrupt. Use the following tips to help you market your hotel:

Create a Loyalty Program

One reason that loyalty programs are so popular in the travel industry is because they work! When guests feel like they are being rewarded for their business, they are more likely to book your hotel again the next time they are visiting your area. There are several ways to utilize a loyalty program, and you can opt to offer free nights or other complimentary services or meals based on the amount of money a guest spends or the number of visits that they make.

Connect with Popular Travel Bloggers

Some travel bloggers have huge audiences of people who love to travel, so connecting with a travel blogger is an excellent way to let a large amount of people know about your hotel and all of its features. You may want to offer a complimentary stay to a travel blogger; in exchange, the blogger will most likely write a post about his or her experience at your hotel as well as post photos and videos on social media.

Let Potential Guests Know What to Expect

Your hotel's website is one of your most valuable marketing tools. When designing or revamping your website, make sure that there are numerous photos and videos of the property so guests can know what to expect if they book a stay. You should also have clear photos of each type of room category available, along with a well-written description of each type of room. If possible, add virtual tours to your website so potential guests can get a 360-degree look at different areas of your hotel.

Utilize Social Media

In this day and age, social media is extremely important when marketing any type of business. Take the time to grow your number of followers on the main social media platforms, and then regularly engage with them. You can offer giveaways, coupon codes, or other incentives exclusively for your social media followers to help increase bookings at your hotel. 

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