3 Ways To Show Appreciation For Your Staff

If your staff feels that all their hard work and talent is appreciated, they will likely be more motivated, productive, and likely to stick around long-term. On the other hand, employees who don't feel appreciated may be less likely to go above and beyond and may be more prone to look for a new job. Luckily, showing more appreciation for your staff is relatively simple and straightforward. Here are a few ideas for making your staff feel appreciated:

Create Employee Awards

One of the best ways to show your employees you notice and appreciate their hard work is to do so explicitly through employee awards. Monthly, quarterly, and annual awards are very motivating, and give your employees something to strive for.

Creating a formal name for the awards and including a certificate, plaque, and perhaps a gift card or other prize will make the employee awards feel more concrete and valuable. You can give the awards out at special lunches or award ceremonies, and include the winning employees' photos in your company newsletter. Contact an award supplier, like Trophy Awards, for more ideas.

Have a Monthly Catered Lunch 

Another fun way to show your employees you appreciate them is to have a nice catered lunch once a month or so. While potlucks are fun too, a catered lunch is more generous since it doesn't require your staff to spend their time and money preparing part of the meal. You can mix things up and keep it fun by ordering food from a different local restaurant or food truck each time.

These lunches don't have to be formal or expensive. In fact, your staff will probably enjoy casual lunch in the form of tacos, barbecue, or tasty sandwiches even more. The important thing is that everyone gets to enjoy a nice meal and conversation together as a token of your appreciation.

Give Handwritten Notes

Sometimes the nicest gestures are also the most simple. From time to time, when you notice someone on your team really putting in extra effort or coming up with great ideas, why not send them a thoughtful hand-written note? Handwritten notes are more personal and special than email, but don't really take any more of your time. Your employee will feel surprised and happy, and they can always refer back to the note on days when they need a little boost of motivation.

By incorporating these ideas into your workplace culture, you will soon boost staff morale and improve productivity.

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