Three Tips For Protecting Your Rare Coins From Damage

Collecting rare coins can be a fun and rewarding hobby, but you'll want to make sure you are taking every precaution to ensure they stay in great shape. Use the following guide to store your coins safely and protect them from damage.

Control The Humidity

Rare or old coins, like many types of antiques, can become damaged when exposed to humidity over time. Take extra precautions to control the humidity in the room they are being stored in. You can use a dehumidifier in the room to remove moisture from the air, and you can also place moisture absorbers close to where the coins are stored. These absorbers might include silica gel packets or moisture-absorbing tubs that use baking soda to soak up moisture in the air. If you store your coins in a safe, consider using both options for added protection.

Invest In A Safe

A safe can provide protection from theft as well as accidental damage. Look for a safe with multiple shelves that lets you organize your coin cases or sleeves. Fire-resistant safes are ideal for home use, and they come in a range of sizes. You can choose a portable safe, which can be easily removed from your home in the event of a fire, or you can opt to have a floor or wall safe installed for theft protection. If you don't feel comfortable storing your collection at home, a safe deposit box at a local bank can be a smart alternative.

Purchase Coin Holders

Coin holders provide a convenient way to sort and store each of your rare coins. These holders prevent coins from touching each other, which can sometimes cause scratches or other types of damage. They come in a variety of options, from individual pockets to sheets that can be placed in albums. Coin flips are ideal for labeling unique coins in your collection. Flips feature two pockets, including one for the actual coin and another to hold identifying information. For extremely rare or delicate coins, you can choose encapsulated holders, which typically provide an air-tight seal to prevent air or water from damaging them. You can sometimes purchase these items from coin dealers, or you can order them online in bulk.

Whenever you buy a rare coin, be sure to ask the dealer for some type of coin holder or protective pouch. This will help ensure that your new purchase stays protected until you can place it in your album or favorite holder. Contact a coin shop, like Rogue Valley Coin & Jewelry, for more help.

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