Reasons That Taking Contract Work Can Be More Enjoyable Than A Permanent Position

Many people in the workforce strive to get a full-time contract position with the hopes of maintaining it as long as possible. This approach to employment, however, isn't for everyone. For some people, gaining representation from a staffing agency and accepting one contract position after another can provide many benefits. Whether you've recently graduated high school or college or you're rejoining the workforce after some time off, here are some reasons that you might wish to focus on contract work.

The Variety Can Be Energizing

When you picture someone who hates his or her job, you often think about someone who has been with the same company for years — and perhaps even decades — and is simply going through the motions each day. This is a trap that you don't want to fall into, and that may shift your attention toward contract work. Contract work offers plenty of variety. You'll constantly be learning new systems, getting accustomed to new working environments, and meeting new colleagues, and then doing it all over again on your next contract. Additionally, because the job requirements can vary from contract to contract, you'll likely find this work to be highly energizing.

Can Be Better For Your Resume

Landing a permanent position when you're not 100 percent sure that it's the right career path for you can be a challenge. If you don't enjoy the job, you'll often look to quit — and you may end up with short-term jobs here and there until you find one that you like. This pattern can create issues with your resume. Some employers may be reluctant to hire someone who hasn't shown a history of staying in a position for a long time. Conversely, short intervals with different companies on your resume aren't a concern if they're because of contracts, which may actually help to strengthen your resume.

You'll Make A Lot Of Contacts

The more companies you work for on contract, the more people you'll meet. This means that by the time you've fulfilled a few contracts, you may have a significant list of contacts at your disposal. Although you may enjoy the contract work and wish to continue with it for the immediate future, the contacts that you've made can be valuable if you ever wish to switch to a permanent position with one of the companies you worked for on contract. Or, if you wish to continue contract work into the future, you may be the first choice for a company with which you've worked in the past.

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