Tips for Implementing Multi-Factor Authentication Software to Protect Your Company's Data

In this day and age, all companies need to be proactive and diligent about protecting their online server. Cyber criminals are becoming increasingly savvy, and new methods to breach servers are being developed every day. There are several ways to protect online data from being viewed or hacked by cyber criminals, and one of the more popular methods is using z/OS multi-factor authentication software. This type of software requires a person to use multiple forms of identification when logging on to a system, which helps reduce the risk of passwords being stolen through malware and being used by cyber criminals. Use the following tips to implement multi-factor authentication software in your company:

Budget Accordingly

Implementing a new multi-factor authentication software program for your entire company will not be cheap. However, the protection that it provides is well worth the cost, and you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your company's data will be much more difficult to breach. A new multi-factor authentication software program should not be installed on a whim; it is important to budget accordingly, develop a timeline, and determine a date and time when your day-to-day business will not be affected by having your server down while the software installation is taking place.

Stay Away from Cookie-Based Two-Factor Authentication

When you begin your search for the right type of multi-factor authentication software, you may see programs that are cookie-based. However, if you want the highest level of security possible, it is best to avoid cookie-based two-factor authentication software. With this type of program, the user still uses a standard password, and the cookies stored on the computer are considered the second form of authentication. However, this type of software can only verify the computer, not the actual person logging in. Don't waste valuable company funds on a multi-factor authentication software program that does not do enough to increase your server's security.

Choose the Right Type of Software

Most types of multi-factor authentication software require a user to use a password to login. Then they will need a second form of authentication to prove their identity. This could be a pin number that is encrypted and sent to a cell phone. Biometric authentication, such as using a fingerprint in addition to a password to access a server, is also a very popular method. Explore what types of multi-factor authentication software is in your company's budget, and choose one that all of your employees will be able to use. 

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