3 Features To Look For In A Quality Electronic Scale

Renting an electronic scale on a temporary basis is sometimes necessary for business operations, whether it is for shipping large items or weighing materials for inventory tracking. If you are in the process of renting a scale that can be used in your place of business, it is helpful if you know what features will serve you best. However, there are so many different types out there that it can be difficult to find the best. Take a look at some of the features to be looking for in an electronic scale that you plan to rent for use in your business setup. 

The scale has an onboard overload indicator. 

An onboard overload indicator is a small feature, but it is a feature that is highly valuable. In the event you are placing something on the scale that is far too heavy to be weighed by the scale, the overload indicator will let you know instead of the reader giving you an inaccurate weight reading that can be problematic. For example, if you are weighing a tub of fasteners instead of counting them individually and the weight is too heavy for the scale to weigh, it will be helpful to be told the scale is overloaded instead of giving only the max weight reading the scale can offer. 

The scale operates on rechargeable batteries and not just electricity. 

Having an electronic scale that operates via batteries makes the scale a more portable piece of equipment. Look for a scale for rent that has the flexibility to operate via batteries or a power cord and you can move the scale to whatever location you need it in your place of business. Electric scales with rechargeable batteries are the most logical solution. These units can typically charge overnight and be used for weighing purposes several times through the day before they have to be charged again. 

The scale has a removable or adjustable tower. 

The tower of a scale is the protruding piece from the base that supports the digital reading device at the top. The best industrial scales will have a tower that is completely removable with the digital reader being attached by a cord so that it can be held in your hand or affixed to a wall. Having this capability allows you to have a wider base to actually place the items to be weighed on. If you are working with large bins or awkwardly shaped items, this can be a huge help. 

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