Water Pump Services You Should Have Done More Often

Water pump services usually include repairing and replacing pumps, but it also includes the less-discussed maintenance services. Maintenance on your water pump should be conducted more often than you probably realize. Here are some of the maintenance services that should be done at least once a year, if not twice a year or every other month (depending on the maintenance task). 

Check and/or Change the Filter

Water pumps absolutely have a filter! You did not think that clear water comes straight up out of the ground without mud, bugs, or rocks in it, did you? Near the bottom of the pump, right where the water is suctioned up out of the well, there is a filter and filtering system. This removes a lot of the things from your well water that you definitely do not want to drink. The filter may need checking a few times a year, and replacement could occur every year or every other year. 

Check the Pump Pressure

Water cannot flow upward against gravity without substantial help. That is where the pump's pressure comes in. The pump creates immense pressure alongside a vacuum to get the water from the well to fill the vacuum void, and the pressure of the pump helps move the water on to the inline pipe that comes into your home. If the pressure is not high enough, your pump cannot get enough water out of the well and into your house. If the pressure is too high, the water will constantly spurt and spray hard out of the taps inside the house and possibly cause a ruptured pipe. Pump pressure should be checked once a month or once every other month. 

Check the Pipelines

There is a pipe conduit that runs electrical lines to the pump for power. There are also pipes traveling away from the pump to a holding tank and into your house. All of these pipes should be scoped if they cannot be visibly checked. If there is something wrong with a pipeline, the technician needs to fix it. This may require excavating part of the pipeline if the problem is in a section of pipe that is buried. Leaks are the last thing you want when you are dealing with the only water source you will have access to for miles. If the pipes check out during a routine maintenance visit, then you have nothing to worry about. 

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