A Boundary Survey Could Settle A Dispute With Your Neighbor Over Your Property Line

If you and your neighbor don't agree about the exact location of the boundary line between your properties, it's time to call a residential land surveying contractor to identify your property lines. It's essential to know the exact location of the lines before you or your neighbor start building too close to the area. Here's why knowing your boundary lines is important and a look at how a land survey is done. 

Why Knowing Your Boundary Lines Is Important

Even if you're friendly with your neighbor or your neighbor is a family member and you agree to let them build a fence or driveway a few inches or feet on your property, it could be a mistake to let them cross the boundary line. This could potentially lead to trouble in years to come if either of you sell your property.

A potential buyer might not be able to get title insurance for the land if there's an encroachment over the boundary line. Plus, if you have a mortgage on your home, the lender will probably require that boundary lines be strictly maintained. Crossing the line could lead to a lawsuit and the need to move a driveway, fence, or landscaping in the future.

How A Land Survey Is Done

There are different types of land surveys, but you may only require a simple boundary survey to settle a dispute with your neighbor. This involves finding the corner markers of your property if they still exist and looking up past surveys for boundary lines. Sometimes, old surveys may contradict each other, so finding the right placement of the lines can take some investigation.

The land surveying contractor also brings equipment to your property to take measurements and make computations to locate the precise location of your boundary line. The surveying contractor might also stake the lines so you can see how the lines run along your land.

You can attach a string to the temporary stakes so you and your neighbor have a clear visual representation of the line. This lets both of you know exactly where the line is located so you know where you can build a fence and put in plants. It can also settle a dispute over who is responsible for a tree that sits near the line.

It's always good to have a boundary survey done before you build or make changes to your property. A survey not only identifies lines so you don't encroach on your neighbor, it also identifies easement areas so you don't build where you're not supposed to, such as a city or utility easement.

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