Understanding The Basics Of How To Use A CBD Flavor Tincture

Cannabidoil, also known as CBD, is used for a variety of purposes today. As more states legalize it, it is commonly used to treat health conditions like chronic pain and migraines. People also use it to calm anxiety and depression.

Rather than vaping or smoking it, some people prefer to use other methods to take CBD. You can use a CBD flavor tincture by learning what this device is and how to flavor it to your preferences.

What is a Tincture?

A tincture is produced by steeping cannabis flowers in high-proof alcohol over low heat for a prolonged amount of time. The potency of the cannabis flowers infuses into the alcohol. You then boil the alcohol to complete the tincture. 

The end result of this process is a tincture that you contains potent CBD that you can ingest orally. It is often the preferred method of using CBD for first-time users. You can measure the amount of CBD that you want to use each time and drop it carefully onto your skin or tongue.

Most tincture are contained in 500 mg CBD tincture bottles with droppers. This container lets you avoid taking too much and makes measuring out the tincture faster and easier.

Flavoring a Tincture

Many people do not like the tastes of CBD oil on its own. The taste can be too strong or musty for some people, especially first-time users. They prefer a way to change or mute the flavor.

To make the flavor better, you can add essential oils like peppermint or lavender to their 500 mg CBD tincture. You must shake up the tincture well and allow it to settle before you use it. You can also add drops of your CBD flavor tincture to cups of tea or coffee to hide the flavor of it. 

You also have the option of brushing your teeth immediately before or after using the tincture. Some people report that placing drops under the tongue can mute or mask the flavor of CBD oil.

Making your own CBD flavor tincture allows you to tailor it to your liking. The process calls for you to steep and boil cannabis flowers in high-proof alcohol. You can then store it in a 500 mg CBD tincture bottle with a dropper to make it easier and safer to use. You can likewise mix flavors in with your oil or add drops to tea.

To learn more about CBD flavored tinctures, contact a shop near you.


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