How Many Panes Of Glass Should You Get In Your New Windows?

Are you currently shopping for new windows and are wondering if you should have double or triple pane glass in them? If so, it will help to know more about the window glass options that you have to pick from.

Double Pane Glass

One of the most popular options for window glass is double pane glass. It is going to use two pieces of glass with a spacer between them, typically with argon gas to improve the insulation. This gas not only helps reflect energy from coming into the home from outside but also keeps that inside energy from escaping as well. There will also be a low-e coating on one of the interior surfaces of the glass. You can add a low-e coating on both interior glass surfaces, but it often results in a darker window tint.

Double pane glass is going to be the ideal choice when you are concerned about how much light shines through the window and if there is any tinting. Since it typically comes with a single low-e coating, more light is going to naturally shine through the window

Triple Pane Glass

With triple pane glass, there are two spacers placed between the glass panes. This places one pane of glass in between the inside and outside glass, which cannot be touched. It is common to have two low-e coatings on the glass as well, with them being on the inside of the outer panes of glass. This results in a darker tint to the windows, which is measured by the visible transmittance ratings that focus just on how much light shines through the window.

Triple pane glass is the best option when you are concerned about energy efficiency. Those extra layers of glass, low-e coatings, and additional argon gas between the panes will help prevent energy from being lost through the window. However, those benefits come at a cost as well, with triple pane glass being more expensive. Will you ever break even on the cost of the windows through energy savings? It depends on how long you plan to stay in your home and what other energy efficiency issues you are dealing with. 

Another benefit of triple pane glass is noise reduction. This can be a great benefit if you live on a busy street and do not want to hear the sounds of traffic inside your home or the sounds from a nearby playground or school with playing kids.

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