How To Clean And Maintain Office Chairs

To extend the life of your office chairs as well as keeping them in good condition for your employees, it's important to clean and maintain them on a regular basis. While you don't need to wash them down daily, get in the habit of cleaning them at certain points throughout the years, such as during spring and fall, and other times as needed. For best results, clean up any food or liquid spills, including coffee, as soon as possible to prevent staining. 

There are several different types of office chair upholstery, such as leather, vinyl, and a polyester blend fabric. Before cleaning the material, it's important to read it's care label first to avoid damaging the surface. You may see one of four care codes on the tag.

If you see a "W," it means that you can only clean the material with water or water-based products. An "S" label indicates that you can treat the chair with a water-free solvent, such as a dry-cleaning solution. Materials labeled with either "SW" or "WS" can be maintained with either type of cleaning products. 

Here are some tips for cleaning any type of office chair:

1.General Cleaning 

Whether you want to deep-clean the chair or simply perform basic weekly or monthly maintenance, start by vacuuming the seat. You can use a hose attachment to get into the nooks and crannies of the seat to remove any food crumbs or other debris, which will help deter pests such as cockroaches from entering your office space.

If you notice any spills, wipe it off of the chair surface right away using a soft, absorbent cloth such as microfiber. If your chairs are made of leather, follow up with a cleaning product specially designed for use on leather to remove any residual debris. For natural wood chairs, you may want to complete the cleaning process with a polish for a rich, shiny finish. 

2. Water-Based Cleaning

If your chairs are labeled with a "W," add a few drops of a gentle dish-washing soap to a bucket of warm water and wipe the surfaces down with the solution using a  clean cloth. If you have fabric chairs, spot-clean the soiled spots by dabbing the solution onto them. Be careful not to saturate the fabric.

 3. Water-Free Solvent Cleaning 

Avoid using any water or water-based cleanser on a chair labeled with an "S." These chairs will typically feature upholstery made of rayon, linen, cotton, damask, silk, velour or another type of delicate fabric. 

You can either have the chair professionally cleaned or dab at the stained areas yourself using a bit of a solvent-based cleaner. Contact a company like D&R Office Works, Inc. for more information and assistance. 

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