Five Mistakes People Make When Moving a Piano

Pianos are an extremely delicate instrument, so if you must move one, you should know how to do it right so that you don't end up permanently damaging it. Here are five mistakes that people often make when moving their piano.

  1. Leaving the Lid Unlocked: The problem with leaving the lid unlocked is that it can cause serious damage to the ivory keys should your piano be faced with a bumpy move. When the lid opens and closes with extreme force, it can shake the keys and even cause them to crack or fall out and become misplaced. This then leads to extremely expensive repairs, which would leave you without a working piano if the repairs are not done. 
  2. Tipping the Piano: Another common mistake is tipping the piano to the side when trying to move it up the stairs, for example. If the piano will not fit through certain openings, you need to consult with a professional piano mover who will know what the next best option might be. For example, the piano could be moved through an open window that is wide enough to fit the piano facing upright. 
  3. Not Using Heavy Duty Furniture Straps: If the piano is being placed in a moving truck, you do not want to use regular cargo straps to keep it in place. These types of straps are not made to hold this much weight. Instead, use heavy duty furniture straps that will keep the piano secure and prevent it from tipping and bumping during the ride. This is especially important during long-distance moving endeavors. 
  4. Not Planning the Travel Path: Many people also make the mistake of not planning the travel path. It's important that you avoid bumpy roads and sharp turns during the drive. This also means planning how you will get it from the moving truck to the home or building where it's being placed. Professionals can help you with this if the path to carry it gets complicated, such as maneuvering around stairs or small entry points. 
  5. Stacking Things on Top of It: If the piano is going in the moving truck along with other items, you need to be sure that you are not stacking other things on top of it. Instead, the items should be stacked around it and held securely in place with straps so that nothing happens to fall on top of the piano during the journey. 

By avoiding these common mistakes, you can move your piano with a bit more ease and without causing damage that could cause your beautiful instrument to be ruined forever or at least have to go through extensive repairs that could be so expensive they are unaffordable, especially after a costly move. Contact professional long distance movers for more tips or to schedule your move.

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