Three Important Benefits Of Mechanical Testing And Why It Matters

You have a device or material. You want to promote it as strong and long-lasting. You personally believe that it is strong, given its makeup, but do you know for sure? The biggest reason why so many manufacturers hire mechanical testing companies is to make sure, with absolute certainty, that your product or material lives up to its advertising. Not only does this give you the confidence to say that your product/material is strong, but it also helps back up what you say so that consumers can purchase and use your product/material with confidence. Here are some more, equally important benefits of mechanical testing.

Know the Exact Amount of Pressure, Temperature and Force

You could test your product/material dozens of ways, but it does not mean as much as knowing exactly how much pressure or force it can take. Mechanical testing puts your product/material through fracture mechanics, tensile strength, elevated temperature tensile testing, an even impact testing. With each kind of testing you request, the machine performing the test gauges the temperature, force, and pressure within the exact degree or psi (pounds of pressure per square inch). Knowing this information adds a whole new dimension to your marketing because you can tell consumers the exact, proven facts and test results of the product/material.

Know How the Product/Material Will React to Tests

During the testing process, you are not only looking for test results on temperature, force, and pressure, but you also want to know how the product/material will react. Does it split? Does it crackle into splinters? Will it bend and crease but not actually break?

This information is vital to showing not just the product/material's strength, but its safety as well. Clearly, you would not want a metal alloy or a plastic to explode or splinter in such a way that the shards become airborne. Reaction is as beneficial to your product/material as the strength results.

Knowing Whether or Not You Need to Go Back to the Drawing Board

Through mechanical testing, you discover whether or not the product/material meets your own expectations. If it does not, then you know it is back to the proverbial drawing board for you. Your structural engineers will just have to work harder on the problem. If it does meet or exceed your expectations, then you know that you can begin regular production and promotion of the product/material right away with very few reservations.

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