Want To Help Locate Or Identify Your Missing Child? Things You Can Do

No parent ever wants to think about their children being abducted, but each year hundreds of thousands of children go missing. Most are abducted by people they know, or people they have encountered before. Sadly, by the time the children are recovered, there is little to help identify them. You can help protect your children in a number of ways. Here are some things you can do.

Ink Fingerprinting Services

Forensic science can do amazing things with ink fingerprint identification. If you fingerprint all of your children's fingers onto a fingerprinting card/kit, you have something that may help the police eliminate or confirm the lost child. These fingerprinting kits are frequently offered by local emergency service departments. Inside the kits are fingerprinting charts, fingerprinting ink, a place to put a recent picture of your child, and a spot to put a lock of hair or some other DNA, like a tooth or spot of blood. All of these things can help identify remains in the event that your child becomes a victim of an abduction.


People geocache for fun, but did you know that you can place geo-location devices inside your child's clothing? These tiny chips are almost undetectable by abductors, but they will help you find your child sooner. The minute your child goes missing, you can turn on the signal from a smartphone app, call the police while the app is working in the background, and notify them that you are tracking the movements of your child and his/her abductor. This device may save your child's life, and if the police hurry to the location you give, the device may even prevent several terrifying forms of harm to your child.

Child Safety Phone

Most kids have phones these days, but what if the kidnapper takes the phone and crushes it? Then there would be no way for your child to make a call for help. Instead, buy a child safety phone, which looks a lot like a baby toy. Your child is able to use any WiFi signal to call for help. There are only two or three buttons on these phones; one to call you, one to call another parent, and one to call 911 emergency services. If you teach your child how to use it during an abduction, your child will be able to contact someone for help at a time when the kidnapper is not around or paying attention.

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