Why Siting Is Such An Important Part Of The Water Well Drilling Process

If you are going to be having a water well installed soon, then you might have talked to a water well drilling professional. When doing so, they might have mentioned that they will need to perform siting first. Siting basically means that the water well drilling professional will determine where your new water well should be drilled. This process is more important than you might think for these reasons and more.

There Are Laws and Restrictions They Have to Follow

First of all, you should know that there are quite a few laws and restrictions in place that water well drilling professionals have to abide by when drilling water wells. This varies from locale to locale. Your water well drilling professional might only be allowed to drill a water well in certain locations; for example, they might not be able to drill in areas that are too close to your property lines. They may need to take a look at a property survey so that they can make this determination.

They Could Damage Utility Lines

If a water well drilling professional is not careful about where they do their drilling, there is a chance that they could cause damage to underground utility lines. This can be a very expensive problem and could cause you and others in the area to be without utilities until the problem can be resolved. Therefore, most water well drilling professionals are very careful to locate any utility lines, sewer lines, or anything else that might be buried underground before they start drilling. This is one of the most important parts of siting.

Some Areas Are More Effective for Water Wells Than Others

Believe it or not, if your water well drilling professional makes the right choice when choosing a site for your new water well, it can actually have a huge impact on whether or not the water well that is installed is actually effective. Since it's probably really important to you to make sure that your water well is, in fact, effective at providing water, you probably understand that proper siting is important.

Some Areas Might Make it Cheaper and Easier for You to Have Your Water Well Drilled

Lastly, you should be aware that with proper siting, a water well drilling professional can actually help you save money. If they find a spot where the well does not have to be drilled as deep, for example, this can save you a massive amount of money on your water well installation project. 

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